JUNE 22 - DECEMBER 5   2017

ART NOW 2017   Hearst Corporation Gallery, Lightboxes on exhibit Curated by Betty Levin   







Ogden Museum of Southern Art  Curated by Richard McCabe   





AUGUST 17, 2017

STANDARD VISION   Artist Takeover + Interview of Every God






JUNE 16, 2017

ARTSY  Review of Art of Fashion Exhibition Curated by Kathy Battista

But other artists in the show chose less glamorous subjects. Photographer Elizabeth Bick, for instance, trained

her lens on the women of Bushwick. Captured in their natural habitats, dressed in patterned shirts and purple

polyester pants, they’re hardly conforming to conventional beauty standards, yet they look strong and

self-confident. (One work in particular, picturing a woman wearing a Marilyn Monroe t-shirt, seems to be a playful

wink at that gap between aspiration and reality.) - Bridget Gleeson




APRIL 9 2017

NY TIMES Metropolitan Section PRINT AND ONLINE

The images here, from a continuing series she calls “Street Ballet,” present the city as a performance space where

bodies move in repetitive patterns marked by endless small variations — a Philip Glass composition made visual.

John Leland






MARCH 19 2016 - MARCH 30 2017

Whitney Houston Biennial  At Chashama Gallery

Curated by C. Finley

The 2017 Whitney Houston Biennial: Greatest Love of All comes as a response to the awakening representation

of women artists in major museums and galleries. To highlight female artists in New York this season, curator

and artist Christine Finley will host female artists from a varied range of geographic and cultural backgrounds,

disciplines, methodologies, and generations. The aim of bringing together so many creative voices is to sing

a collective song that celebrates the contributions of pioneer female artists and marks a moment in our

communal trajectory.  Opening reception March 19  4 - 8 PM





MARCH 1 2016 - MARCH 6 2017


The Real Sin Would Be Never Experiencing It SOLO INSTALLATION Curated by C. Finley

Innovation has enhanced the way in which the self is documented, exhumed, and proliferated on the

day-to-day. A ‘keeping up with the joneses’-style attention to self portraiture on social media, an embrace

of video communication software in the live stream, even the self grooming to meet standards of

omnipresent surveillance documentation, or bystander photo-bomb, all keep us constantly rebounding from

our subjective experiences back to a meditation on ‘the me’. How does this multiplication of the self impact

the expressive artifact—a pure totem of experience Oscar Wilde suggested should only, “reveal beauty

and hide the artist?”





JANUARY 27 - FEBRUARY 24  2017

University of Texas Visual Art Center Performances  Solo Exhibition

Curated by Elizabeth Welch

January 27, Artist Talk 2:30 pm /  Opening reception 6 - 9 pm





NOVEMBER 10 2016 - JANUARY 15 2017

NORTON MUSEUM OF ART Rudin Prize exhibition

Curated by Tim Wride

For this biennial exhibition, the Norton invites a panel of world-renowned artists to nominate emerging

photographers whose work is on the leading edge of contemporary art and photography.

Included in the show is the work of Clare Benson, Alexandra Hunts, and Wesley Stringer.